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"Life was like a box of chocolates. You never know what you're gonna get." You've probably heard this phrase before. That's from the famous movie Forrest Gump. When you meet with difficulties, maybe the next moment will usher in a miracle. Just when you think a good day is coming, the next moment may endanger your life. Impermanence is the norm of life. After watching this inspirational film, you may get some inspiration from it.



Forrest Gump is an inspirational drama film released in the United States on July 6, 1994. Adapted from the novel of the same name published in 1986 by The American writer Winston Groom, the film tells the story of forrest Gump, a boy who live in a small town  with congenital mental retardation, who strives for self-improvement and finally gets the blessing from god to create miracles in many fields. In 1995, the film won the 67th Academy Awards for Best Picture, Best Adapted Screenplay and Best Film Editing.

《阿甘正传》是一部励志剧情电影,于1994年7月6日在美国上映。 影片改编自美国作家温斯顿·格卢姆于1986年出版的同名小说,讲述了先天智障的小镇男孩福瑞斯特·甘自强不息,最终得到上天眷顾,在多个领域创造奇迹的励志故事。 1995年,影片荣获第67届奥斯卡金像奖最佳影片奖、最佳改编剧本奖、最佳电影剪辑奖。


The first time I saw Forrest Gump was five years ago. There was nothing special about it at the time. Maybe with more experience, I can better understand the meaning of these words. Now, it makes sense for the old drama, which has been rated above 9.5 on Douban, to stay on top for so many years. I found the meaning of hard work and attitude towards life from Forrest Gump . In my opinion, this film not only moved me, but also brought me endless educational significance.



From this movie, I saw the kinship that blood is thicker than water. What makes Forrest gump different from other people is that he is born with low intelligence and his IQ is only 75. But Forrest gump's mother did not dislike her children as "imbecilic," but often encouraged Forrest Gump "fortune favours fools". Forrest Gump's mother is an independent, strong woman, with a unique temperament. She used the simplest and most accessible educational methods to help Forrest Gump establish the correct three views. Her teaching made Gump have a beautiful understanding of the world, still be full of hope and love for life. Even if Forrest Gump is not a person with full capacity for action, but she believes that he can create their own miracle. So a positive attitude began to germinate and grow in Forrest Gump, which was the most important part of his success.



His mother gave him life and the courage to live on. It was this courage that gave Forrest Gump the power to break the world's perception of him. This kind of power is like a beacon that pushes Forrest Gump forward, guiding him along the way, only then will he get the final success. The former Soviet Proletarian writer Gorky once said: "Time can make people lose everything, but the family is never give up. Even if one day the loved ones are gone, their love will always remain in the deepest part of their children's souls."



From this movie, I see the deep friendship between friends. Every "guardian" my friends gave forrest makes me cry. Their kindness and their sincerity for Forrest gump are the sincere friendship seldom met in this era. Their friendship with Forrest gump naturally does not have the benefit of color, which is the purest landscape painting. Of course, in addition to their own kindness, but also from the heart of forrest to pay them. Bubba dreams of being a sea captain and shrimp catcher, but unfortunately dies in Vietnam. Forrest Gump had promised Bubba that if Bubba became captain, he would be second in command. Later bubba died, Forrest bought a boat, both when the captain and deputy, to help Bubba complete his life wishes. Forrest Gump said, "Good friends don't just pick them up!" He saw Bubba as his best friend, and promised bubba he would do what she said he would. So much so that after Bubba's death, he not only keeps his promise, but also helps Bubba realize her unfinished dream.



At the same time, In their steadfast friendship, I also saw the character traits of each person. I've learned not to rely on external actions and what you think are "facts" to judge a person's heart. Everyone has two sides. There may have been a fall; Experienced the pain of discrimination; I have felt the warmth and warmth of the society. Although these experiences bring them a different state of mind, they do not change their nature of kindness. If their friends do not understand them, that is chilling! I think that's what this movie is trying to convey to us. The most wonderful thing about friends is that we care about each other no matter where we are; Whenever we meet again, it will be the same as before. Because the true friendship, is not because of time and diluted; The promise of our bygone days will not be extinguished by the passing of time.



From this movie, I also saw the love view of "holding hands and growing old together with your son". Eileen Chang wrote in Half Life: I want you to know that there is always a person waiting for you in this world. No matter what time, no matter where, you know, there is always such a person. Forrest and Jenny were childhood sweethearts, Jenny dreamed of becoming a singer, and Forrest had a completely different life. If so, then Forrest and Jenny will go against each other. But Forrest is willing to let go to help Jenny. Because Forrest thinks, since it's Jenny's dream, let her go to realize it, otherwise it will be a pity. When Jenny was in need of help, Forrest went to help her at once. When Jenny got tired of drifting outside and needed a harbor to dock, Forrest would wait for her in the harbor. Because you love someone, you have to set her free. Forrest gump did not want Jenny to give up her dream for herself, but also did not want her to live with regret. In fact, Jenny is not only the love of Forrest's life, but also his life mentor. When Forrest Gump was a child, he was often bullied because of his congenital deficiency. "Run, better not stop!" Jenny's words let Forrest get rid of his friends bully him, and remember in the heart. When Forrest was fighting in Vietnam, he was attacked by the enemy. "Run, better not stop." Again, this sentence let Forrest escape from death. Every time Forrest gump tried to do something with all his might, because of Jenny's words, he would eventually break through the difficulties and even save his own life.



A TV series based on a novel by writer Qiong Yao that exploded in flames a few years ago has also become a classic, sung by generations of people. The poem "Shangxie" from yuefu Poetry anthology of the Han Dynasty is quoted in the play: "Mountains without mausoleum, rivers for exhaustion, winter thunder earthquake; Summer rain and snow, heaven and earth together, but dare and jun must!" The view of love expressed in this poem is similar to that of Forrest Gump. The persistence of love is full of rock-firm faith and fiery passion. In the past, under the influence of Chinese traditional culture, when it comes to love, it means one person, one hand, one lifetime. But now love is more and more fast food. Many events and emotional changes have become common, do not like it then change, there is no need to waste time. These have become the norm. Maybe we could slow it down a little bit, like the book says, "I knew you'd come, so I waited."



From this movie, I understand that your attitude towards life determines the height of your life. Everyone will experience the five tastes of life in different fields. My parents always taught me, "No matter what happens in life, always face it with optimism. Then life will feel that you respect it and it will naturally return the respect." So, in this way, your attitude towards life hides the results you will get in the future. Whatever you do, give it your best shot, give it enough attention, give it enough time, and you'll get the results you want. Known as "fool", Forrest Gump, unwilling to the status quo, with their most sincere efforts, all the way to run. Forrest gump went to college, graduated and joined the army, where he served in combat and was labeled "private First class." After leaving the army, Forrest Gump became a billionaire by catching shrimp. Forrest Gump, the whole course of his life was beyond anyone's expectation. For those who have called him a "fool", have you reached his level? Simple Forrest Gump, in fact, never thought he would have everything today. All he knows is to do one thing, love one thing, and help his friends achieve their dreams. Forrest Gump often catches an empty net when he goes shrimping. But he never thought about giving up, and maybe there is no such thing as "giving up" in his mind. If you've never lived, that means you don't know how to live, and it's not going to turn out the way you thought it would. kind and serious people will eventually be favored by the world, which determines the height of your life. Forrest gump is like that, so are we.



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